It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Red Jacket Orchards Review! -Alexandra


Red Jacket Orchards Review! -Alexandra

I was so excited to review Red Jacket Orchards' variety of juices. Their orchard are located in the Finger Lakes Region of NY and all of the fruits and berries that they use are local and sustainably grown. They make them using the same technique they have always used, the "rack and cloth" pressing technique. All of their juices are all natural, 100% juice and never from concentrate. They also have no added sugars, coloring, or flavoring which is amazing. I am really picky about the juice my daughter drinks and how much of it she is allowed, I actually let her have more than half of one of these and my best friend even commented that this juice must be amazing if I let my daughter drink it not watered down. I absolutely love that their is nothing added to these juices so all that you taste is the fresh, natural fruit taste. You have a chance to taste these amazing juices! Enter the giveaway below!
 Fiji Apple: I am usually not a big fan of plain apple juice but I think that this flavor became my favorite juice ever. It has a sweet fresh apple flavor. As soon as I was done I wanted more. It was so delicious.

Joe's Summer Blend:  This flavor is basically an apple lemonade. It had an apple taste with a lemon kick. Mia stole it from me and drank more than half of the bottle. When it was empty she shook the bottle at me and said, "I wish I could have a little more..." She loved it!

Tart Cherry Smash: This one had a great cherry flavor. It was tart but sweet like cherries.

Strawberry Apple: I loved the flavor of the strawberry and apple. The strawberries taste really fresh.

Raspberry Apple: I'm not really a fan of raspberries but I loved this and how well the raspberry and apple flavors go together.

Cranberry Apple: Really strong cranberry flavor. A little bit tart for my tastes but my husband loved it and so would any cranberry lover.
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  1. I've been wanting to try Red Jacket juices since I heard about them a few weeks ago, but the closest retailer is about 45 min away and I haven't made it over there yet. Love this!

  2. Obsessed with Red Jacket juices. So delicious. The only juice I will ever drink!