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Mug Hugger Review!

We are so excited that we all got to try an awesome new product called the Mug Hugger! The Mug Hugger is an eco-friendly product that helps to keep your hot beverages warmer longer and helps to avoid spills. It is so easy to use, microwave the Mug Hugger for 90 seconds, remove from microwave, and place your mug in it! It helps to keep your drink warm for up to 90 minutes. It is a perfect item for parents, grandparents, teachers, students, basically anyone who loves hot beverages. Most mugs fit in it which is great because you don't have to go out and buy a special mug in order to use it.
“The Mug Hugger is perfect to keep my coffee warm while making breakfast and feeding my son. An HOUR later I STILL had PERFECT coffee! My son didn't even notice my cup in the mug hugger and didn't try to knock it over!” –Gina

“As a mom and student I don’t always get to drink my tea or coffee right after I make it. The Mug Hugger is perfect for me because it keeps my drink warm for an hour! It is a perfect size for my desk and the Mug Hugger helps to prevent cups from being knocked over, which is great since I have a daughter and cats running around. I love that it is eco-friendly! The only thing that would make me love the Mug Hugger more is if they had a choice of patterns on it I could choose from to jazz it up a bit! I absolutely love my Mug Hugger!” -Alexandra

“When trying out the Mug Hugger, I decided to use it with tea, as well as coffee. First try was with tea and it kept it hot for an hour. Second try was coffee and it didn't seem to stay hot as long, about 45 minutes. I have a lower voltage microwave, I believe this affected my results. I increased the amount of time in the microwave and it kept my coffee hot for about an hour. Very neat little product!” -Suzi
“When I received my Mug Hugger in the mail, I immediately took it inside, made a cup of coffee and threw it in the microwave per the directions. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Mug Hugger actually maintained temperature. I did find that it took a few uses before it held the heat in for that full hour and a half. The only thing I would change about the mug hugger, is maybe adding a little design to the plain look. I understand that the more simple it is, the more eco friendly it looks - but in an office setting, something a little more slightly would be nice! All in all I was beyond satisfied with my Mug Hugger.” – Nicole

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  1. I am a work at home mom. I love my Mug Hugger and have used it for about 8 months. I could not imagine trying work and having to consistently warm up my coffee in the microwave. I doodle on my Mug Hugger all the time with phone numbers, dates of appointments and flowers. I have used the same Mug Hugger this entire time and I am about due for a new one. I love the life span of this product, no cords or wires and it has saved my office from multiple spills. Thank you for the MUG HUGGER!!!!!!! Every one should try this product...Karimom72

  2. I absolutely LOVE my mug hugger! As a stay at home mom, anything and everything happens, I love that I dont have to worry about spills, burns, or microwaving the same cup of coffee over and over again! Plus I can decorate it to match anything I want it to, or to go with any season. My daughter LOVES to help me "make it special" Thanks mug hugger!!