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Mommy Tonic Review! -Alexandra

If you have never heard of Mommy Tonic you have seriously been missing out. I got to review the Every Day Mom, Mommy Tonic game and I cannot wait to play again. Mommy Tonic is a discussion card game. It comes with 65 cards that help to start discussions regarding parenting, relationships, and life in general. This game really doesn’t have any rules other than have fun, participate in discussions, and listen to everyone else.  It is a perfect activity for moms to do while their kids have a playdate, while out for coffee, or while having a night in at a friend’s house! There are four different versions of Mommy Tonic; Every day mom (perfect for any mom), Working mom (perfect for those moms who work), New mom (a perfect baby shower gift), and Empty nester (perfect for moms after the kids move out). Having the four different editions make this game a perfect gift for any mom!
I decided that the best option to review Mommy Tonic was to play a game on Facebook using the cards to run the game that way I could get lots of input. I invited some people I knew but was worried that not everyone would play so put an invitation out on It’s a MOM thing so that I could find a few more people to be involved. There were about 25 moms invited to play and nearly everyone in the group was playing along with me, answering the questions, and giving their input. I learned a lot of new things about the ladies I had known already and got a great introduction to those that I didn’t know. All of the ladies agreed that it was a great way to get to know other moms and to start conversations and felt that they knew a lot about the other ladies that they played with.  Almost every mom who played along with me rated the game a 10 and if they didn’t they rated it an 8 or 9. I also asked if they would play this game with mom friends in person and they all said yes, they also said they would play along if there was an online game that they could play with others!
To purchase Mommy Tonic head over to their website:
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