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Knot Genie Review - Nicole

When I was asked to review the Knot Genie, I was extremely skeptical. I have thick hair and my daughter, who is two years old, has my thickness mixed with her father's curls. Let me just tell you, it is a nightmare to do anything with! We have tried at least 10 different products on the market that are said to help with tangles, even products through Avon, and have not found a solution. Until now. The Knot Genie worked! When we brush our hair while it is wet, it usually just knots up into a tangled wad of hair - but not with the Knot Genie! The Knot Genie smoothed through our hair like a knife to butter. Now, when I brush my daughter's hair out while it is dry, it usually frizzes up until it is wet down again. With the Knot Genie it frizzed for about 20 minutes, and then relaxed.

I don't know how, but it has also helped her hair to not tangle at night when she sleeps on it. Most mornings, she wakes up with a head of hair that resembles a rat's nest - until we used the Knot Genie! Since obtaining the Knot Genie, we have had 3 successful attempts at brushing her hair without any screaming or crying. Imagine that?! Brushing your daughter's hair without the fight! The neat design fits perfectly into the palm of your hand for an easy nonslip grip and the vibrant color makes it fun for girls to use! The bristles are a medium hard plastic that vary in length. They bend easily, which seems to cause less breakage. We have very much enjoyed this product. In fact, my youngest daughter looks like she is going to have the same thick, curly hair that my oldest daughter has. I fuilly intend on purchasing a second Knot Genie to use for her, once her hair gets long enough to need brushing!

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