It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Godefroy Heated Eyelash Curler -- Gina


Godefroy Heated Eyelash Curler -- Gina

This handy little gadget is my new eyelash curler! No more pulling my eyelashes out with those big clunky curlers! Palm sized, perfect to take on the go in my purse! I was a tad scared at first to put heat near my eyes .. but YOU DON'T EVEN FEEL THE HEAT ! Totally safe! I used the heated curler then applied my mascara as usual .. I found I really did not need to put on a ton to have them look longer or fuller ! I really am in love with it! It requires 1 AAA battery, slides right in the handle!

I have tried to use standard lash curlers and I usually pinched myself or I didn't line it up right and I make a kinked mess of the lashes and a sticky mess of the curler. This curler seemed a reasonable price so I decided to try it despite reviews I read. I suspect the other reviewers don't realize how to use it. Is so easy and totally effective to use and it's doesn't leave a sticky mess on crimping pads. It's like using a lash comb that separates and defines your lashes. Just apply mascara then with the wand brush the lashes upward using an up sweep pattern over the lashes and once they are curled upward you can even go a step farther and press the wand against the base of the lash and flip the lash all the way up. It makes your eyes look like nothing you've ever seen and it stays all day.

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