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Dots of Sugar Review! -Alexandra

I am so excited that I got to review a necklace from Dots of Sugar, an Etsy shop that sells custom made, hand stamped jewelry. I was able to pick the necklace I wanted to review and had such a hard time deciding because all the jewelry is so beautiful and I love all of it! I finally decided on a necklace that has an anchor charm, a birthstone charm, and an initial charm. When I received it I immediately fell in love and put it on. My daughter, Mia, saw me open it and asked to see it, then proceeded yelling at me that it was so beautiful she needed it, haha! Later in the day I saw my mom and she kept commenting on how beautiful it is and how she loves the way it shines.
I absolutely love the size of the charms. I was worried that it would look huge on my neck since there are three charms, but they are so delicate and definitely balance each other out. The chain is a perfect length, not too short and not too long, so I love the way it sits and I don’t even notice it is on because it is so light. It is excellent quality and the chain seems like it will withhold a lot. I think that it is great that you are able to personalize the pieces so that they are perfect for everyone and think that they would make excellent gifts. I definitely will be purchasing some other pieces from Dots of Sugar!
Head over and check out Dots of Sugar's Facebook page! From there you can access her Etsy shop to see all of her pieces:

Get the item I reviewed here:

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