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Dead Sea Spa Products --Gina

I've been using my my new Dead Sea Spa Products for about a week now, maybe longer. I wanted the FULL affect! I've been having my mother use the anti-aging peeling gel.. well 'cause she's old! Here's what she had to say! " I have very sensitive combination skin. There are very few products that I can actually use without breaking me out, but this really hydrated my skin! Compared to the big name brands and BIG PRICE TAGS it really is BETTER! I will continue to use it and be checking out other products!" I have been using the hair cream.. and I am LOVING it! It controls my frizz and gives me the beachy wave curls I love so much! It doesn't make my hair oily or stiff like moose and hair spray do, this is DEF. my new hair product of choice! And as for the scrub .. oh the SCRUB! I have terrible oily, constantly breaking out skin.. this week has been a DREAM! It feels SO GOOD on my face, like my own little spa. More importantly it really opens pores and gets even the worst black heads out! It smoothes out all my little bump and marks! I even had my husband use it with his rough hands I thought.. hey why not! He said this -"I'm a guy who has a problem with rough skin on my forehead and on my hands. I use this scrub 2 to 3 times per week and all the roughness has gone away. What I really like is that it doesn't smell girly or anything like that. It just leaves behind smooth clean skin."

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