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Crayon Rocks Review - Suzi

I recently reviewed these great little crayons called Crayon Rocks. 

These are rock-shaped crayons, that are a safe and eco-friendly way to have some artistic fun with your kiddos. These little crayons are made with soy bean oil, rather than petroleum wax, like your crayons purchased in stores. 

These crayons were great for my 18 month old. They are actually shaped like rocks!! They colored great, and fit in her hand perfectly.  Their design was much better for her little hands than regular crayons! Crayons are small enough to be a potential choking hazard for very small children: dimensions; 1.5 in x .75 in x .75 in. I would not let younger children use unsupervised. 

 I would recommend these crayons for anyone! Thank you Crayon rocks for allowing me the opportunity to review your wonderful product.

Visit their website at :
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