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CIrcle of Friends Review! - Gina

Recently I received Orangics calming cream,shampoo and cooling spray lotion from Circle of Friends a company that makes eco-friendly products for kids ! I love them because they are free of petroleum, sulfates, fragrance and dyes!! I love the no petroleum! It's so hard to find a lotion that doesn't make you all greasy feeling! They have specialized lotions and soaps for kids with Eczema and sensitive skin! My son has very sensitive skin and the products were great!

We got them right after vacation and of course both my husband and I had sunburn!! We were both peeling and MISERABLE ! I figured why not have us try the cooling spray lotion, it was like a wave of relief with one spray! It really was a miracle worker and helped us stop peeling as well ! I would recommend Blue Green Products to any parent, they are safe and Eco-friendly !!

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