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Briannas Salad Dressing - Suzi

I was recently selected to review a great salad dressing brand, Briannas.
I received four different flavor's of this all natural salad dressing.
Santa Fe Blend:
Had a very nice little kick to it and a very rich flavor. This dressing was a fun dressing, that my kids did not like but I enjoyed quite a bit. I loved the pepper taste of this dressing.
Zesty French:
Had your traditional French flavor with a nice little kick behind it. I usually do not like French dressings, but this one really changed my mind. It was the perfect mix of the French dressing with that splash of spices that made me fall in love with the dressing.
Chipotle Cheddar:
This one I was very excited to try, but unfortunately it was not one of my favorites. It was still just as good as the other's but it was not my taste. The Cheddar stood out nicely, but the chipotle was not what I expected.
New American Creamy Balsamic:
This one was my absolute favorite of the four dressings. This was by far the best one. It was creamy and had the great balsamic taste. I actually made a pot of elbow noodles and use this as the sauce. It is a great all around sauce.

Another thing I didn't realize is that you can purchase Briannas at the grocery store. I had not heard of this dressings until receiving this review and now that I have reviewed them I have seen them everywhere. I'm very excited about that fact!! Thank you Briannas, for allowing me the opportunity to review your great salad dressings.

you can visit their website:
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