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Blue Apron Review! -Alexandra

I love cooking and trying new recipes so I am really glad that I was able to review Blue Apron. Blue Apron is a subscription service where you get three meals pre-portioned for two people each week for $9.99 per person, per meal. There are no commitments with any plan and you are able to have any week shipped as long as you order by the week deadline. All of the ingredients come carefully packaged in a refrigerated box so once you get it all that you have to is refrigerate and put away the ingredients and take our what you need when you are ready to prepare each meal. All of the ingredients used in the meals are fresh and seasonal, and some meals even use specialty ingredients. Each complete meal has about 500-700 calories per serving which is really great and the portion sizes are great. I love that everything in the box is pre-portioned because it saves time and makes it so that there is no waste at the end. Each meal is also designed to only take about 35 minutes to prepare which is really awesome because many people, especially parents, have time restraints on their meal preparation. The recipe cards that came with each recipe included photos, descriptions, and were really easy to follow which I loved. I think that Blue Apron meals would be the perfect gift for a housewarming or engagement, for someone who is a beginner home cook wanting to learn how to make more elaborate meals, or for someone who wants to save time by having their ingredients brought right to them and pre-portioned for them! Now lets talk about the meals I received!

The first meal in the box that I received was Seared Trout with peach and arugula salad. My husband I prepared this together. He cooked the fish while I took care of the salad. I didn't taste any of that but the salad was excellent. I loved how fresh the ingredients in it tasted, and the flavor combinations.

The second meal I received was Jerk Spiced Chicken with rice and beans. My husband ad I absolutely loved this dish. It was spicy, but the combination of flavors was delicious.  It was so easy to prepare and I definitely plan on making it again!

The third meal I received was Fresh Futtucelle Blognese with baby heirloom carrots. I love pasta dishes and this one was awesome. I loved the pasta that they included, it tasted homemade and really fresh. I also loved the taste of the meats, pasta, herbs, and carrots together.

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