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Adagio Teas: White Peach Review -Alexandra

A few weeks ago I posted my first review of Adagio Teas and said I would be reviewing a few different teas throughout the next few months. Adagio Teas has hundreds of flavors of tea, iced tea, and some awesome tea brewing products. One of my absolute favorite things about this company though is that they make Fandom themed tea blends! They have tea blends from things such as Batman, Doctor Who, Pokemon, and Game of Thrones.
The blend that I recently tried is white peach tea. I love tea and this was definitely the best tea I have ever had. The white tea in this blend is from the Fujian province of China and combined with Peach. Immediately upon opening the packet I could smell a fresh peach scent from the peaches used in this tea. It was really light, and slightly sweet so I didn't need to use sugar, though a few times I did add a bit of honey. I also tried it iced and loved it as well. I love that the peach flavor in this tastes fresh and not artificial and that it isn't overpowering which some things with peach can be. The peach and white tea balance each other perfectly!

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