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Adagio Teas Review! -Alexandra

I had the pleasure of reviewing tea from Adagio Teas and I am so happy that I was able to! I drink a lot of tea, probably more than the average person, so I was really excited when the package from Adagio came to my door. They have hundreds of flavors of tea, iced tea, and some awesome tea brewing products. One of my absolute favorite things about this company though is that they make Fandom themed tea blends! They have tea blends from things such as Batman, Doctor Who, Pokemon, and Game of Thrones! I am going to be reviewing a few different flavors throughout the next few months.
I decided to start with a Black Tea since that is probably the most common. I tried one of their most popular black teas called Black Dragon Pearls tea. This tea is from China, Yunnan province, specifically. They make the little pearls by rolling together tea leaves and buds. One of my favorite things about this tea is watching the pearls break down as the tea brews. When brewing the tea I used the paper filters from Adagio which are awesome because they work similarly to tea bags, so I can just throw them out once the tea is done brewing. Usually when I drink black tea I add milk and sometimes sugar, but I actually preferred this tea black! I tried it twice with milk, once with milk and sugar, and three times black. A few of the times I brewed it lighter by adding only two pearls and others I brewed it darker by using 4. I enjoyed it every time I brewed it, all of the ways I brewed it.  This black tea is light and smooth and not as bitter as some black tea tends to be. It also has a somewhat smoky and a light cocoa flavor which I thought was awesome. I will definitely be making this tea a staple in our home!
I am a huge Harry Potter fan so I was super excited to get and review a Harry Potter Fandom Tea! It is called Amortentia Tea based after the Love Potion in Harry Potter. I absolutely love the label for the tea which describes the potion and says that it is approved by the Ministry of Magical Food and Drinks. This tea is a blend of teas with coconut, strawberry, blueberry and vanilla accents. It is light and refreshing, and smells amazing both before and after brewing. My favorite part about it is the subtle vanilla flavor. It is slightly sweet and doesn’t need any sugar or anything added to it because it has a perfect flavor balance on its own.
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  1. I've had apricot green by them and it's amazing! I cannot wait to try their Doctor Who flavors!!! Katie